Crankbait paint patterns

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Crankbait paint patterns

I suck at drawing. I should be banned from taking photos! Here are a few of the main ones:. Mistake 1 : The Wrong Airbrush Painting lures with the wrong airbrush and expecting to get good results makes as much sense as putting street tires on a Formula 1 car and expecting to win a race.

Buying a dirt cheap, knockoff airbrush is one of the fastest ways to get yourself frustrated. Spending too much on an airbrush is no better. Like bringing a Ferrari to a kart track, they can actually limit you in many ways! The wrong style of airbrush. Not all airbrushes will meet every lure painting need. Mistake 2: Using The Wrong Paints.


The heartache and frustration it causes, and usually it finishes up being more expensive in the long run! If you want to avoid disappointment there are some basic techniques and processes you need to follow. Here are the main tips:.

I tested paints, sealers, clear coats, airbrushes and techniques. I made a ton of mistakes, spent a wad of cash and eventually started getting the results I wanted. In the meantime my frustration levels went through the roof!

Custom Painting Your Baits & Fishing Lures

Along the way I got tons of advice from others via internet, social media and word of mouth. Most of it seemed good at the time, but with hindsight, a lot of that advice actually held me back.

These days I continue to experiment with techniques and products. I already have that. Nothing has been overlooked! Chapter 1: Equipment. Chapter 2: Paints. Chapter 3: Lure Preparation especially for the wooden lure makers. Chapter 4: Painting Basics. Chapter 5: Lure Painting Techniques.In the bass fishing world, the Bluegill pattern is one of the most popular crankbait patterns sold everywhere.

Bluegill patterns flat out catch fish!

crankbait paint patterns

Michael has been custom painting crankbaits and other hard body lures for quite a while now. His persistence at constantly learning new techniques, and improving his skill set has caused him to become very good at what he does! So today he will be sharing his tips and tricks for Custom Painting a Bluegill Crankbait. So, to back that claim, he shows us what it takes.

Michael does a great job of explaining how to start with a base coat and then use layers of color for a realistic look. One other important point that Michael makes is that the tutorials are meant to teach methods, but not to encourage outright copying or duplication. Bluegills may look different in your area than they do in another region. So always keep that in mind when trying to mimic the natural baitfish in your area lakes, ponds and rivers.

So triggering a bite is the most important thing you want to accomplish. I am not good at that and i have been looking for some like that our blue gill here in missouri look just like that. Your email address will not be published. Custom Painting a Bluegill Crankbait In the bass fishing world, the Bluegill pattern is one of the most popular crankbait patterns sold everywhere.

Enjoy the video and please be sure to share this blog post if you find it helpful! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Crush'Em Cranks is a family owned and operated business located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We sell custom hand painted crankbaits.

Welcome to Clyde's Cranks

We take great pride in our work and our customers satisfaction is our top priority! Please take a look at some of our work on the Our crankbaits page! We have many tournament proven color patterns available each with your choice of eye color and hooks or you can order something completely custom and unique.

crankbait paint patterns

All of our crankbaits are painted with top quality material and final coated with a clear epoxy to ensure an awesome finish that will last for many years! Each of our baits are dried on a custom made rotisserie to guarantee an even finish for a perfectly balanced crankbait!

With each bait we allow you to choose the eye and hook color, whether it is one of our patterns or your unique custom design. We offer crankbaits in many different styles and running depths, from top water to deep divers.

crankbait paint patterns

To see our crankbaits and color patterns or to create your own click on visit our store! If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Need a wrap, graphics or carpet graphics? Please visit their website for more information on these events for a great cause!

Crush the competition with Crush'Em Cranks custom crankbaits!!Once again awesome job not just on the lure but on the presentation of the construction technique as well.

I wrote to you a coupe of years ago, I do a fishing lure project in my intro to engineering class with my students High School juniors in a magnet school for science and engineering they design a prototype of the lure by researching a fish and then brainstorming types of lures and then lure finishes.

I give them wooden blanks they cut down and then sand to shape. I then have then do a buoyancy calculation on the blank using the weights of all the hookswires, lips and anything else they are putting on.

Then they finish them. I just wanted to say thanks for posting all this stuff it's a great resource and shows what to expect during construction which helps many of my students. I certainly wish I had a teacher who taught lure making when I was in high school!

crankbait paint patterns

I'd certainly love to see some pictures of your students lures. If you go to my Contact Page you could send me some pictures from there. I'll post them them on my Readers Pictures page. Thanks for your interest in my blog. Post a Comment. My Super Shad Rap Copy 'Shad Rap' Type Crankbait Well unfortunately it has been quite some time since I have put pen to paper, or rather fingers to key board, to add something new to this blog of mine.

A busy work and family lifestyle along with my involvement in other sports has meant that opportunities to get any lure making or indeed lure fishing done have been few and far between this year. Although this particular project is not quite yet completed the lure needs testing it is almost there. If you are a fan of the very well known Rapala Super Shad Rap or similar type of crankbaits then this project will be of great interest to you.

The idea for this lure was simple. A local estate lake which is very much choked to death with weed growth contains pike and roach. Those pike can regularly be seen chasing the resident roach to the water's surface and snatching at them as they try to to escape. I need a lure that will imitate a roach, float above the weed and dive just deep enough beneath the surface with an enticing action to tempt any mid water pike that are on the prowl. Reading the manufacturers description of the Rapala Super Shad Rap this lure would seem to fit the bill nicely so I decided to try and make my own.

The printed out template was glued to some cardboard and cut out using a scissors to result in the lure templates pictured above. Since I've had pretty good results with poplar so far it will come as no surprise that I chose poplar again as my wood of choice for this particular lure making project. My chosen piece of wood was cut to length and a centre line was marked along it's top, bottom and ends.

Crawfish Crankbait Patterns

The side profile template was then transferred onto the lure blank by drawing around it using a pencil. The positions of the diving lip, hook hangers and front tow point were also marked onto the piece of wood - see picture below. The next step I took was to drill out holes for the tow point and hook hanging eyelets.

For this project I had decided to try using home made eyelets rather than through wire construction. I figured that drilling the holes for the eyelets now while the lure blank was still square would make for more accurate positioning of the drilled holes. I also cut the slot for the diving lip at this stage. Again I find that it is much easier to get a true square cut with a hand saw when you make the cut while the lure blank itself is still square - see below.

To make life a little easier this time around I used a jigsaw to cut out the side profiles of the lure - see above. You could of course easily do this job by hand using a coping saw but since I have power tools available to me that's what I chose to use. After the side profile had been cut out I gave the cut edges a light sanding to take the roughness off the lure blank before marking out the top profile using the template.

Note that I accurately marked the centre line of the lure at the nose and tail before transferring the top profile template. To cut out the top profile I used a coping saw rather than the jigsaw as this gave me much more control over the smaller cuts this time.Painting lures is one of those really weird things.

On the other hand. I have ZERO artistic talent. But painting lures? And if I can do it, so can you! Unless you want all of your lures to be one-off original works of art. Now, for purists, I actually do know the difference between a stencil and a mask. In lure making we have our own definitions…. For us, masks are something sticks to the lure body eg tape. By comparison, a stencil is anything held in front of the lure during spraying.

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High air pressure results in more paint being delivered, faster. Lower air pressure gives much greater control over paint delivery, so the results are generally crisper and cleaner. I usually work between psi for painting detail. For getting crisp detail, atomization is everything. Well atomized paint gives clean, crisp results, poorly atomized paint gives spatter.

Compare a newpaper photo with a glossy magazine pic…. And that means poor results. You want fine detail, not clumsy, heavy handed, dark lines. Getting fine detail is often as simple as pointing your airbrush at the edges of the mask or stencil, not at the lure itself.

This gives much better paint control and allows you to build color more gently. This is normal practice for just about any kind of spray painting, but especially painting lures with stencils or masks.

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It also reduces the risk of over-wetting, which can lead to paint bleeding under the stencil or mask.Michael has been custom painting crankbaits for a while now and has some good experience under his belt.

For the crappie pattern, Michael shows us how he always starts by applying a base coat of white to all of his crankbaits. Next, a light coat of pearl white gets applied. In the video tutorial, Michael reveals a secret technique for creating the black crappie markings on the sides of the lure body, using a special method and special tool. Using the techniques in this blog post, learn how to paint a crappie pattern on your crankbait.

Michael also goes into depth regarding tips and tricks for adjusting the pressure of your airbrush and working with the density of your paint in order to achieve optimal results and a very natural look to your finished lure. This helps when blending colors in each consecutive layer, making sure that no single layer dominates the look of the lure. And once the paint work is finished, Michael gives some great tips on how he uses epoxy to seal the bait and protect the paint, showing us yet another secret to give the lure added attraction.

Your email address will not be published. Please share! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.If you are looking to add real imaging to your products we can help! We offer UV printing on almost all substrates, with unmatched adhesion. We can also print graphics and patterns, the options are endless!

UV is one of the most cost effective ways to finish fishing lures and fishing products! Pick from a variety of color shifting foils, custom plates to add patterns in the foil and even color shifting holographic.

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We can then paint or print over these foils to bring your products to life! Don't just settle for a real image print job, if you can add holographic foiling under it to gain needed flash! Plasticol is one of the most durable ways of finishing apparel! Contact us today to learn more! We offer simple to complex and detailed airbrushing for fishing lures and fishing products!

With our team you can have that hand painted product at competitive prices and fast turn around times!

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We also offer a large variety of colors, special color matching and special effect paints that can help make your products stand out!

Want a rock hard ultra glossy finish on your products? Do you have a product that needs added durability? We can help with that! We offer bulk epoxy finishing with some of the toughest brands of clear epoxy on the market! We have the ability to produce large runs of baits at a time and can make a high quality product without the crazy turn around times! Whether you are looking for custom businesses branded blades, promotional blades, school mascot blades, or your own unique design, we can make it!

We do graphics in house, so they are quick, efficient and most of all cost effective! Give us your ideas and let us help make them reality! If you are looking for high quality resin baits, custom made resin molds or both, we can help! We offer design, molding and manufacturing of resin baits. Resin is a strong material and holds the value of wood, but paints and runs more like plastic baits. Message us today for more information, or to create you project!


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